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13 May 2017

Shimmy Mob 2017

"I had been seeing pictures and videos of Shimmy Mob for a few years, and each year I thought to myself, wouldn't it be great if someone organised that in Canberra. And, since no-one had jumped up to do it yet, I figured that it may as well be me!"

Team Leader, Samina Amar from from Ghawazee Moon Bellydance is actually pretty passionate about this event. Not only for the opportunity to fundraise for a local organisation who supports women and children in crisis - part of the Shimmy Mob goals - but also for the opportunity o get together with other members of the Canberra bellydance community in a common cause.

“We regularly come together for big performances such as the Multicultural Festival, and often go to each others events for support and to see the dancing, of course! Shimmy Mob has been great because we are getting together to learn and perform a choreography together," says Canberra Team Leader Assistant Fran from Bellyup Bellydance.

The 23 Canberra Shimmy Mob Dancers added to the total of 2168 dancers in 172 cities around the world. They all performed the same dance, in the same costume on the same day - World Bellydance Day. Each dancer had access to online videos for individual learning, and the Canberra Team were able to get together for learning, practice and final rehearsals thanks to the generosity of Canberra Dance Theatre, and the Tuggeranong Arts Centre.

The Canberra Shimmy Mob Team have decided they will be supporting a different organisation each year, and were delighted to be able to support Karinya House in their first year. Karinya House is a community based, grass roots, local organisation, supporting vulnerable and at risk pregnant and early parenting women in Canberra and the surrounding Region. A perfect fit for this fundraiser.

Performing as part of a whole community showcase, the Shimmy Mob collected donations and held a raffle on the day, with prizes donated by #Jazidaproductions, Danika Made It, Ghawazee Moon Bellydance and Bellyup Bellydance. The day was well supported by the Canberra Bellydance community, and all who participated are looking forward to doing it again next year.

Lead Image by Stephen Kaak


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