Bellydance News & Reviews in the A.C.T



Submissions are welcomed, both as written articles and photo essays, on bellydance and Middle Eastern, and inspired, dance and music.

Suggestions include:

  • Workshops (held in Canberra or attended by Canberrans)
  • Festivals (held in Canberra or attended by Canberrans)
  • Performances (held in Canberra or attended by Canberrans) both for whole community and individual schools/troupes.
  • Review Style Articles
  • Personal Journal/Journey Articles
  • Spotlights on (interviews with) Teachers and Performers from Canberra, or visiting Canberra.
  • Etc.

Written Submissions should:

  • Be proof-read and ready to publish. If changes are required, for length or clarity, you will be asked to review and accept changes before publication.
  • Indicate the name to be used for the byline. You can write anonymously if you wish.
  • Include at least one image (see image requirements below).
  • Have any hyperlinks in the body of the text, and in the following format:
[Marjory]( the group through several different rhythm patterns.
Once everyone was comfortable, she indicated that the dancers from the [Amazing Bellydance]( troupe should join in, one by one, and dance to the drumming.

Photo Submissions should:

  • Have a MINIMUM size of 550px wide by 250px tall at 72 ppi. Full size is not needed unless the photo needs serious editing. 72ppi, 96ppi and 144ppi at the minimum size are all suitable.
  • Have permission from the photographer for publication.
  • Have the name of photographer/business for credit/byline.
  • Have links to the photographers website if required.

Tips & Requests

  • Team up with a friend to take photos and help with the writing of the article.
  • Ask photographers at events if they might be willing to share photos with you for your article.
  • If you're a photographer, we're happy to find someone to write an article to go along with your photos.

Please email all submissions with the subject line "Coinage Submission"


Email for corrections, submissions and suggestions.